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The termite belongs to the order of the roaches called Blattodea.

It has been known for decades that termites are closely related to cockroaches, predominately the wood eating species of roach.

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The origin of the name Isoptera is Greek and means two pairs of straight wings.The termite has been called the white ant over the years and commonly confused with the true ant.These termites live in the soil all of their lives and construct mounds that are in the record books. The movement to understand these insects has led to many discoveries and ideas.Leading researchers and engineers are copying the structure and venting mechanics of African termite mounds.The advances in molecular data gives the proper evidence to confirm the origin of the termites.

Termites as a majority are known to inhabit the tropical regions around the world. takes us inside the blended Kardashian home in this reality series that promises to be good comedy.We'll find out what Kim Kardashian does all day in between all the red carpet appearances at L. They continue to cause billions of dollars in damage every year all over the world.Termites today that spend their lives within the food source are the most primitive of termite species.The next more moderately adapted termites live in the soil and forage for wood.