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After releasing her first auto-tuned, faux-British accented single "Pop The Glock" in 2006, the singer worked with French music producers the likes of Mr. By the time the album dropped, the foul-mouthed electro-popster had largely faded into obscurity.However, her X-rated songs dissing online haters exemplified a very specific type of My Space-era Internet fame, and viral white girl rappers Kitty Pryde and Kreayshawn owe a lot to Uffie's steez.What better way to explain that you're having a shit day? But word spread like wildfire through the middle school set that he died, either of a heroin overdose or in a car accident. people were obsessed with it in the early '00s.

) took Frankie down with it, but he has plenty of time to start anew. No generation is more digitally savvy and microtrend-friendly than millennials, and no rapper embodies those aspects more fully than Lil B. Okay so you remember when Hilary Duff did a cover of the Go-Go's "Our Lips are Sealed" with her sister? Haylie also hosted a reality show to find the next lead for debuted in the Top 40 and it genuinely seemed like he might be part of a neo-Brat Pack along with the other Disney kids of the era.Wildly unpredictable, insanely prolific, and wholly irrepressible, the Based God is a walking meme. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens did cross over to more adult fare, Corbin was sadly left behind and his 2009 follow-up disc tanked. Silverstone voiced Sharon Spitz, a precocious vegetarian teen with a mouth full of metal.After that you play online games to earn Neopoints to buy them food, toys, and pets.(Yup, pets for your pets.) Neopia, the Neopet world, was also home to a vibrant message board community and a marketplace for good$ to buy and sell: perhaps a virtual scooter for your virtual pet?But nobody actually thought a videochat website would be used for With curmudgeons like Jonathan Franzen scolding millennials for being Internet-addicted, Steve Roggenbuck's support for social media as a connective, supportive platform for budding writers has never been more refreshing.

The Alt-Lit writer turned sorta motivational speaker champions veganism, poetry as a means for social change, and loving the moon.His hilarious video blogs and his most recent project, Boost House, a publishing press and artist residency, have inspired countless young fans.Selfies are commonplace all over the Internet these days, but the Tumblr favorite hashtag #GPOY stands for "Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself." And when you scroll through your Tumblr on lazy Wednesday, you're bound to see a bunch of attractive, carefuly selected Photobooth selfies for #GPOYW.On November 10, 2012, Rihanna performed her song "Diamonds" on SNL in front of a green screen backdrop of 3D animations of planets cruising across digital oceans and various deep-sea creatures.The accompanying video looked a lot like the work of online Seapunk artists and musicians like Jerome LOL (pictured at left) and Lil Internet, the latter of whom coined the label.There’s already been a preponderance of scientific studies and general handwringing about Millennials, all attempting to piece together the puzzle of how this cohort feels about politics, sex, identity and more.