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Two or three girls matched once the test was finished, but I didn't include them for practical reasons. 6 other reinitiated conversation a couple days after I stopped answering (11.7%)The account received a total of 1 super-like over 7 days (0.15 super-like /day).Of those 75 matches, 2 sent a first message (2.6%). The amount of swipes every day and how many people I matched with on each session were as follow: I appreciate the effort you're putting into this and think it's really cool/illucidating.

I am quite indiscriminate matching primarily based on first photograph and preferring to read biographies and evaluate the other photographs if a match is successful and then deciding whether to initiate conversation.While these factors both artificially inflate and deflate my numbers, my actual conclusion from these results are as follows: Oh, a good bio and good conversation are definitely game changers!That's why I didn't do any of that My main interest was to see how important good pictures are, so if I actually had a good bio, did good messages, I would wonder : is the account successful because of its pictures, or because of its bio?This way I only have one variable to check, it's easier to make sense out of Next you should make one with the ugliest woman imaginable and the worst profile/conversation imaginable ( Not as if plenty of guys haven't already ) and watch as it still surpasses HM in everything.I'm actually more surprised by the lack of success here.

I think that if you used an American population and put slightly more "effort" into the biography so that it doesn't come across as catfishy (note the number of your responses who identify this quite fast) would give your results more external validity.To be fair I think the fact that those 1000 swipes were so close from each other must have affected the results To put it another way, it received 75 match in a week. I am the best of both worlds and i look exactly like my photos. I love my job, i love fucking and i am worth every dollar. https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/453952/gabrielli-bianco---video-4/? tag=stockings,solo,amateur,big tits,big cock&without Id=453951&_=1561777654019&ct=2--1561777654TIRED of FILTERS/PHOTOSHOP girls? I love first timers Opposite London Liverpool Street Station ❤❤ The one and only Bella, copy my pictures, description and even my name, always copied, never equaled. Vote here https://shemale.uk/profile/1877 xx Your little, sweet, intelligent & submissive girlfriend, the perfect petite babe with mere 53kg/110lbs, 1.70m/5ft7, dressing size 6, ultra-feminine, with a squeaking clean IN and OUT very tight peachy bum and a delicious 6.5 inch fully functional toy to play with... Did you know that inside the hypothalamus, there is something called BST (Nucleus of the Bed Stria Terminalis) Males have it large, feels dominant attracted to femininity, Females have it small, feels feminine attracted to masculinity, Bisexuals have BST between male and females, feels attracted to both, Gays have it between Women and Bisexuals and Transsexual girls have it the SAME size as genetic females?I've personally seen girls swipe left on guys way out of their league with excuses like "eww, he looks vain" or "muscles are too big".I know how easy it is to let your mind wander into using Tinder or, as the case may be, other dudes as a metric of your attractiveness.There is an element of truth to it but it is not this unchangeable insurmountable thing. I rarely message back, when I do it's usually just asking them to fuck to see what their response is. But I've also had plenty that weren't about it at all and unmatched.