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In addition to a bed, nightstand, lamps, desk and end tables, you’ll also need to furnish a living room, dining room and kitchen.Bringing your furnishings from your old room will reduce some of your move-in costs. Either way, I'm excited to share my thoughts on records, music, 45s, LPs, 12"es, you get the point. (As of a few weeks ago, all posts are related to Hurricane Katrina-esque ramblings.) Well, hello there! See y'all when I get back to Louisiana in about a week. Call me - email access for me is limited these days, y'all. I suspect the Irish are at the top of the "food chain" of necessity, religious strife coming in a distant 2nd. Some have called me the queen of the rare groove DJs, others call me crazy. Were forced into emmigrating to the United States with the Potato Famine (1846-1857) as opposed to falling for temptation (request/comply), religious strife, political unrest, wanting more (greed).Suffocating student loans, an entry-level salary, and a pantry full of Ramen noodles? Living at home with your parents instead of getting your own just seems like the smart thing to do.

You’ll save up some money, teach yourself to use a grill and then you’ll be on your way, right?Even if you were paying rent, at least you were developing good habits for being on your own when the time came.Now that you’ve decided it is time to move out, make sure you have a plan!Dating is just one giant mess when you live at home.What happens when your date wants to come home with you?Giving this perk up is tough, but as an adult, it’s pretty vital that you do your own . Living at home can remove you from your friends (and a normal social life).