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It’s a healthy mix of newcomers to the industry and established companies with decades of experience to share.The seasoned professionals can obviously share trade knowledge, but they can also learn a thing or two from the self-starters who bring a new perspective and ambitious ideas to the table.Yet for a long time, dating professionals didn’t have a way to reach out to one another. Dating services exist everywhere singles do (which is to say, everywhere), and there wasn’t really a universal industry directory to help newcomers get in touch with the major players halfway around the world. Since 2004, this global networking event has united dating professionals and offered an engaging space where they can share ideas and learn from one another.

” Most attendees say they have gotten one or two good ideas and look forward to collaborating with the professionals they’ve met.“The dating industry is full of good-hearted people on all sides,” said Marc Lesnick, Founder of i Date. I enjoy the people I do the events for, and it’s nice to see them leave happy, having learned something they didn’t know before.” The dating industry has ballooned in size with American dating services bringing in approximately .5 billion in 2015.Since its first event in 2004, i Date has offered informational panels and networking events to expose the next big thing.These events put industry leaders in touch with outside experts in marketing, technology, and other fields, and they foster a serious discussion about how the dating industry could better serve customers and bring in profits.“They always say, ‘If you’re not at i Date, you’re not in the industry.'” Over the years, i Date has hosted 55 events geared toward matchmakers, online dating operators, international dating professionals, and others in the industry.

It has taken over conference areas in Delray Beach, Hong Kong, Sydney, and other major cities.

By offering businesses plenty of networking opportunities, i Date has helped dating professionals thrive and bring added value to singles around the world.

The dating industry doesn’t operate on cutthroat competition and kill-or-be-killed business models.

According to Marc, who has organized all 55 i Date conferences in the last 15 years, AI could be a game changer for dating operators.

“You can already see the power and the potential it has,” he said.

Marc told us he always wants to bring the wow-factor to the i Date schedule. It includes executives and consultants who have achieved a high level of success in their fields and can bring revolutionary insights to improve other businesses. Neil Clark Warren received the Lifetime Achievement Award at i Date in recognition of his work on eharmony.