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His films regularly topped the box office, with very few exceptions. His ability to carry movies wouldn't last forever, however, and as time progressed, fans learned that there's a whole lot more to Carrey than some goofy faces and the dizzying penchant for slapstick humor that commanded so many crowds.From his humble childhood to his tumultuous relationship history and his newfound passion for political artwork, here's a look at some of the things you might not know about Jim Carrey.

Unfortunately for Carrey, his family's struggles took a toll on his own well-being.

As a pre-teen his father lost his job, so he and his siblings took jobs at a factory cleaning machines to help make ends meet while he was in high school.

[...] I think I needed color." Once the secret of his new endeavor came to light, Carrey began to put his name into the public sphere more and more by creating politically charged pieces that showcased his disdain for Donald Trump's administration; as he told , "I have to turn the uncomfortable things that I see in this world into art." In addition to using his artwork as an outlet, he's also become a vocal advocate for voter registration and often accompanies the Twitter release of his newest pieces with a reminder for fans to hit the polls. There is energy given to people and a bunch of ideas about their heritage about their nationality, about all those things that are supposed to be anchors to a boat that doesn't exist." The kicker came when, in an appearance on , he declared that his persona was nothing more than a "great character" and he was "lucky to get the part." In other words, the Jim Carrey that became such a legend of the comedy movie scene is history, and the actor who portrayed him for so many years isn't eager to step back into that role anytime soon.

If it weren't for his cathartic artwork, Jim Carrey fans might have had a reason to start worrying about the actor's well-being after he arrived for a red carpet interview in 2017 and started sharing his very unusual philosophies about existence.

until four or five in the morning on many, many nights." co-star Lauren Holly, but she filed for divorce within the matter of a few months, and she would ultimately credit paparazzi intrusiveness as the cause of their demise.

He later dated other actresses, and even got engaged to co-star Renee Zellweger, but it wouldn't last — again thanks in part to the excessive media attention they received."I'm not back in the same way," he told the publication."I don't feel I'm little Jim trying to hang on to a place in the stratosphere anymore — I don't feel like I'm trying to hold on to anything." One thing Carrey was happy to be known for, though, was his budding career as a political artist.Perhaps the most high-profile of his relationships was with Jenny Mc Carthy, and, yet again, their flame fizzled out for all the world to see, with his depression cited as a potential cause for their breakup.As difficult as all of those splits must have been for him, though, nothing compared to what would happen after he called it quits with his non-celebrity girlfriend Cathriona White.Eventually, the rigorous schedule took a toll, and he fell behind enough that he decided to quit school.