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The ancients could reliably predict when the sun would rise, the relative track it would take across the sky. Empiricism underlies the aforementioned pragmatism. Quite simply put, we cannot know that radiometric dating is accurate, because we cannot know anything for sure. While I understand that this is a difficult concept to truly grasp.I would like to submit the linked videos for your consideration. In both these clips, Neo is confronted with the fact that everything he thoght he knew to be real and true was actually an elaborate illusion. Couldn't we all be simply subjective thoughts in the mind of God?The year is 1300 BCE, and the prevailing scientific notion about the nature of the universe is that the world is a flat disc that rests upon four columns.

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There is no objective means to prove that our tests that revel a solar system of 4.5 billion years old is correct.Allow me to provide another example, perhaps one that is a little more pallatable.Or an isotope with extremely long half-life shouldn't be used on small ages, because the relative difference would either not exist, or be too small for measurement. Yes, because it gives consistent dates when used correctly.For example, a lot of different datings upon meteorites all shows that the solar system is around 4.5 billion years old.It is able to provide consistent, predictable results. The school has no objective way to verify if their results match reality.

Now, radiometric dating suffers from the same problem.Isn't it possible that the universe we live in is actually an elaborate illusion? The second is the famous first fight between Neo and Morpheus.Now, on one level I include this because it is my favorite fight scene of all times. Epistemological limitations: We cannot know anything Con seems to contradict himself in his argument.We can predictably date things, but how can we know that we are not getting 5 when we add 2 and 2?How can we know that our tests are not consistently providing the wrong answer?You walk into a math class to observe and you notice that the students all believe that 2 2 is 5.