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If the content you want to combine contain the content which is protected by i Tunes Store, authorization should be given to the account from which you have purchased the content.

Family Sharing allows you to share i Tunes or App Store purchase to six people of your family.

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All of your contacts stored on your i Phone locally, or through other services such as your Google or Yahoo account, will now be synced through i Cloud.

Note that enabling i Cloud contact sync on your i Phone will retroactively enable it on your paired Apple Watch.

All content from two accounts can be put into one i Tunes Library.

Choose the library you would like to use and then combine the content from two accounts into one library that you have chosen.

To Merge content between tow i Tunes accounts, Leawo i Transfer will be a perfect solution to this issue.

As a professional transfer program for i OS devices, Leawo i Transfer is able to transfer up to 12 types of files between i Tunes and i OS devices, such as apps, videos, contacts, photos and music and more.Supposed you are the family organizer from family group, you can create Family Sharing for your family group from their i OS devices.If purchase sharing has been turned on, you will be required to make a confirmation on your agreement with your payment for the purchase launched by your family member that you have invited, and the method of valid payment is on file.In this case, your backups can be ensured to be kept on your computer locally. Login your new i Tunes account on your device, you can decide what you need to transfer to i Cloud and what should be kept locally. Enter Settings and tap on i Cloud, choose “Log In With New Apple ID”, then scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Storage & Backup”, then choose “i Cloud Backup”. All information is now backed up from your i OS device to your i Cloud by entering your new Apple ID.After that, all the important information have been moved to your new i Tunes account effectively.On your i OS devices like i Phone or i Pad or i Pod touch, you can run Settings and tap on your name, if your devices are running based on i OS 10.2 version or earlier, you can enter Settings and then go to i Cloud tab. Anyone from your family member has an Apple ID can be added to your family group. To merge data in two i Tunes accounts, your two i Tunes account can be invited to family group, then you can share data from one of your i Tunes accounts to the other one.