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Earrings made with cheap metal can irritate your skin, cause infection, and trigger allergies.Earrings don’t just touch your skin, they penetrate the earlobe, and wearing earrings made from a pure, high-grade metal such as gold, silver, or stainless steel or will minimize health risks.

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Earrings containing nickel, a common ingredient in inexpensive jewelry, tend to irritate sensitive ears.Hypoallergenic earrings, made of pure metals such as sterling silver, gold, stainless steel or platinum, are made without nickel and are the best option for sensitive ears.But browse through our site, and it’s plain to see.If you’re searching for genuine diamond earrings for sale, the purest gold earrings for sale, or want to buy silver earrings online to make an extraordinary gift, your search begins and ends with Luxury Bazaar.He can fly after eating a can of beans, has super strength, x-ray smell, extraordinary lethargy, colossal apathy, super-human ennui and very poor eating habits.

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