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We were packed in there like sardines, it was ok sitting next to my husband but next to a stranger was a little awkward.

The Event Center at Hollywood Casino - Charles Town Got these tickets as a birthday present for my husband, second row seats, 0.

But the character herself didn’t have an awful lot of funny things to say.

In fact, the loveable sleeveless shirt wearing comedian gained his own show, Only in America, on the History Channel.He was even allowed into the White House’s War Room during filming of the show.His southern accent, which he admittedly exaggerates, gives blue collar individuals and everyone else alike a way to relate to this hilarious funnyman.After getting his start by making guest appearances on radio shows, he gained quick fame on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour alongside Jeff Foxworthy, the comedian of “You might be a redneck” fame.Her reaction to finding out that Larry had been “juicing” – at the Baseball Hall of Fame of all places – was priceless.

Lucy Lawless, better known as TV’s Xena the Warrior Princess, was the first woman Larry dated after Cheryl left.

And for those who miss Larry in concert halls on the big screen, the December 2013 release of A Madea Christmas will undoubtedly be exciting.

At the beginning of the series, he was married, just like David was in real life.

a piece, was able to see Larry perfectly but seats were way too narrow and close. Not as comfortable as you would have thought for 0. Had to sit sideways so as to not be rubbing or touching person next to you.

Loved the show, way disappointed in the seats and price of drinks..beers .00!!! Only disappointment was to walk through the smoky Treasure Island casino to get to the venue.

Frankly, the situations the character found herself in during the Season 7 episode that was titled after her were funnier than the character herself.