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Muslim Marriage Link let you create your free Personal Profile and upload your picture.promotes itself as a matrimonial relationship site for those of the Muslim faith.In areas where Sunni and Shiite intermingle, there are militias defending the major sect and they may try to obstruct the presence of families from the other sect.

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With the continuing sectarian strife in several areas of the Iraqi capital, one might be surprised to find that the cultured Baghdadi youth remain uninfluenced when it comes to marriage.Their choices can still include someone from a sect or ethnicity other than their own.It may be wise to remember that if you break the law of the country at any point of time, then even your embassy may not be able to assist you.Here are some basic guidelines of general laws followed in the State of Kuwait.We still exchange visits and have fine relations away from sectarianism.” Khadija Abdul-Qader is a 35-year-old Sunni teacher who is married to a Shi`ah colleague.

She said, “When Abu `Ali proposed 10 years ago, my father never asked him about his sect.

Ahmed recalls that his father was from Baghdad, but worked in the Kurdish city of Al-Sulaymaniyyah.

His father married a Kurdish woman and they had many children.

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