Larisa romanovna oleynik dating Syriasex

Well, the 36 years old actress Olyenik is not married yet.

) and later, Alissa, the girlfriend of Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in 3rd Rock From the Sun.

It was her second time acting as JGL's girlfriend — Larisa also starred as his love interest Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You .

Admit it: As a kid, you totally wanted superpowers ...

even if they did come from a run-in with toxic chemicals.

For her higher studies, she attended Sarah Lawrence College.

At the age of eight, Larisa Oleynik began her acting in San Francisco production of We all have more idea about the professional life of an actress, Larisa Oleynik.

Not many actors and actresses who have already seen stardom will still choose to go back to school to formally learn what they can effortlessly do naturally.

Larisa Oleynik is an American actress who did exactly this and came out to state publicly that it was the best decision she had ever made.

Her blonde ponytails were cute back in the day, but I have to say that I'm loving Larisa's new style. She also starred in the film BFFs, a movie about two best friends who have to pretend to be in a relationship in order to take advantage of a couples' retreat.

And if you think that Larisa has closed the door on Alex Mack forever, think again.

Oleynik is the daughter of Lorraine, a former nurse, and Roman Oleynik (1936-2003), an anesthesiologist.