Late night dating

Even at home, you can have games like Instead of having a typecast dinner and movie date, you can opt for a 24-hour diner where you can gorge on sumptuous food as well as have heartfelt conversations with each other.

There are many art galleries and exhibitions which are open till late night.You can visit some, discuss your favorite artists with your partner and have a relaxed stroll through the gallery.Another option is a film tour where you’d be taken on a journey through the film industry.This is one of the most informative late night date ideas.Many agencies offer late night tours that are both fun and informative.

You can even go on ghost tours, provided that you aren’t scared easily.

You can visit nightclubs to enjoy live music and rewind yourselves.

Or you can visit more serene social lounges where the mellow music adds to romantic atmosphere.

You can also choose a classic library and browse for books together. You can visit one of these shows and have a great time together.

Besides theater plays, you can also opt for late night reruns of classic movies which would be screened in select theaters.

Try something unique and creative like wine tasting, cocktail making, bartending together, beer brewing and whiskey tasting. Doesn’t a late night picnic in outdoors sound exciting?