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For years the tale of how the inhabitants of Easter Island depleted their soils and destroyed their ecosystem has been a cautionary tale for western civilisation.

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To some extent, it must be fun at parties to say you study the archaeology of Easter Island.

It’s an iconic site in archaeology, but it’s also been a misunderstood site, and that misunderstanding has become very popular. Polynesian settlers arrived on the island, which they called Rapa Nui, some time in the past.

“The Rapa Nui people were, not surprisingly, smart about how they used their resources,” he said. Diet of the prehistoric population of Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile) shows environmental adaptation and resilience.

“And all the misunderstanding comes from our preconceptions about what subsistence should look like, basically European farmers thinking, ‘Well, what should a farm look like?

Its proximity to the water has shaped the city's past and still defines it as a commercial, sporting and academic centre. Kiel has been invaded a number of times, it also has been an important pawn in the process of German unification and the centre for a failed revolution.

This being said, modern Kiel is a vibrant, wealthy city with plenty of opportunities in academia and industry.

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The research team analysed archaeological material dating from 1400AD to the historic period from the Kon Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway.