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"It's been a long time since I last bought toys and gadgets for myself! "These days, when I want to buy something, I need to seek her approval first, but I'm not complaining - I know it's for my own good."Leo recently posted a few photos of a giant bear in his living room on Instagram.

Another picture showed Leo piggybacking Lorraine while looking into the horizon.

Although it was no secret that 42-year-old Leo was in a steady relationship with 45-year-old Lorraine, she has largely remained in the background and downplayed their romance.

Leo Ku Kui Kei is a Hong Kong Cantopop and Mandopop singer, actor, TV host, model, cartoonist, MV director, and producer and designer.

He employs falsetto as a singing technique and was named as one of the Five Fresh Tigers of TVB.

Ku's most famous Mandarin Chinese song is "Really Want", the theme song for the drama series "Romance in the Rain." The song was broadcast across China. His best known Canto-pop song is "Never Too Late" which appeared on many year-end lists about the best songs of 2006 in Hong Kong.

Ku was also selected to be the first host and a contestant in the third season of the Chinese version of I Am a Singer.Leo Ku (古巨基) and his assistant Lorraine Chan (陳映雪) have been dating for twenty years.The couple finally decided to start a new chapter in their lives and got married in Las Vegas on July 12.Joining TVB in 1991, Ku has released over 35 albums and he has won nearly 300 male singer and music awards since kicking off his music career in 1994, including TVB "Jade Solid Gold Awards," "Favorite Male Singer" and "Golden Award"; Channel V, "the most popular male singer"; MTV Asia Awards "Favourite Artist of Hong Kong"; CCTV-MTV Music Awards "most popular male singer in Hong Kong"; "Hit King" Chinese music world's total annual election of the "Hit King" and "Most Popular Male Singer"; China Original Music Charts "most popular male singer in Hong Kong"; Chinese Music Media Awards, "the most media attention hundred male singer"; China Wind Shang Dadian "Fashion Outstanding Asian Singer"; Hong Kong "issued four United Music Awards," "media award (singer)", "Song of the Year" and "Album Award"; CRHK903 The songs Awards "Male Singer Award" and "My favorite male singer"; SINA Music music Popular Awards "My favorite male singer"; Yahoo Hong Kong Yahoo!Search Popularity Award "Local Male Artist"; IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Award "the highest annual sales volume of the local male singer"; China Radio and Television Awards Best Original Song Award Presentation Ceremony of "Hong Kong and Taiwan the most popular male singer"; Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards – Extreme Global Chinese Gold Songs Award; Music Pioneer Awards list – "Pioneer of the most popular male singer,"; United 21 radio pioneer awarded the best singer, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan the most popular male singer award Pioneer.The two made things official in Las Vegas on July 12, 2014, about a month shy of the star's 42nd birthday, said Apple Daily yesterday.