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As I filled in the questionnaire on one site I came to a series of questions about my ideal partner that also had a box to check off marked “deal breakers.” I considered my options and decided that a deal breaker for me would be any man who was shorter than I was. The question about weight was a bit of a puzzle but finally I decided that their definition of “heavyset” probably meant very overweight and I knew that was not something I was attracted to, so I checked off that box too.

The deal breaker box concerning smoking was a no brainer—I had no desire to be with anyone who smoked—so I checked that box.

This is a season for dreaming, and we’re about to dream BIG! Oh, and ever thought “but if I go tackle those dreams, I’ll miss being in the right place to meet my future mate! This season is the perfect time to invest deeply in our communities, and that’s what we’re talking about in this lesson.

Here, you’ll get VERY practical tips and ideas for how to make new friendships and grow deeper in the friendships you already have.

The deal breaker box concerning drinking was also checked as I did not imbibe alcohol and had no desire to be with someone who drank regularly.

A few more selections and I was done with that part of the questionnaire. I had not completed the questionnaire but thought I would do so another day.No pictures, an uncompleted profile and worst of all, all the deal breaker boxes that I had so carefully checked off were there—as what I required. I wanted to meet men who were very heavy, shorter than me, who drank regularly, and smoked! I couldn’t figure out how it was that I was now online when I had not approved that. Was a lasting love beyond my ability in this lifetime? These questions and more flitted through my mind even while I was laughing at myself.For a few minutes I couldn’t figure out how to get my profile down, but I finally found a section of the site that allowed me to hide my profile. I then turned my attention to the other e-mails I had received only to discover I had received about thirty hits from interested men who sent me their detailed information about their heights, smoking, drinking lives, as well as pictures showing a variety of midsection girths. A day or two later I went back in to edit my profile.We’ll dive into 3 reasons to love this season well, a big (and I mean BIG!) workbook exercise on gratitude, and so much more. ) By the end of this lesson, you’ll get pen to paper with all those frustrations and you’ll have a safe space where you can open up to yourself about how you truly feel about being single.