Listbox not updating when datasource changes wpf

If I implement a backend field like this: _is Beheerder = iwt App. Role Beheerder)) Raise Property Changed(Function() Me. Is Beheerder) And change my property like this: Public Read Only Property Is Beheerder As Boolean Get Return _is Beheerder End Get End Property Everything works fine...

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Here's what the XAML for that looks like: This code looks more complicated than it is. First note that we need to check explicitly if we're dealing with an enum type.It's not possible to do this with a type constraint.We also record whether or not the enum is a flags enum (as can be determined by checking for the "Flags" attribute on the type) to vary the logic later.Get Dynamic Member Names() and Try Get Member() are fairly straightforward.Let's say that you have a list of numbers representing positions in a race, and you want to display this list with the appropriate positional text (for example, 1 is 1st, 2 is 2nd, 3 is 3rd, etc).

Rather than save your data in this form (which would not be convenient at all) you could leave the data as an int in the data source, and write a value converter to convert the integer into the appropriate string.Value converters are very useful tools for letting you use the power of data binding.You can even pass parameters to them, so that you can combine data in the value converter. The previous examples omitted this check altogether.In the constructor, we set up a quick lookup from tag names to values, not so much for performance but because it makes the lookup a lot less tedious.If you have lots of flags, this solution is not particularly attractive.