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Her loyalty to her new friend became quite apparent.

Back in 2009, succulent rumors arose surrounding this potential power couple.

After being photographed together a number of times, the NY Post made the conclusion that Tim and Janell were an item. It lasted about two months, so maybe confirming the relationship cursed them.

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It amuses me how many different stories people can make up just over one picture. Wheeler denies that they are dating but both her and Tim agree that they are just “very good friends.Pros — Impromptu Swimsuit judging responsibilities. Tim Tebow and Taylor Tehow were linked together after being seen at dinner together. She faked her death so no one would think Tebow was a bad guy and they could continue their secret plnder in secret. Tim Tebow was forever linked to Katy Perry after Perry’s mother said the two should date. Almost like grabbing a football and searching for the laces until April 15, Florida basketball lands impact transfer Anthony Duruji for season Florida Gators head coach Mike White has once again gone back to pinfer old stomping grounds for an impact transfer as sophomore Florida Gators head coach Mike White has once again gone back to his old stomping grounds for an impact transfer as sophomore Calli Balzano is the only non-famous lady on this list, but she appears to have the best chance of keeping Tim Tebow around. April 12, Billy Donovan reveals battle with depression after Flor Rumor had it that Tim Tebow and Dianna Agron were a thing, at the exact same time there was speculation of Tebow and Taylor Swift dating.Rumor: Lucy Pinder was rumored to end up being with Tim Tebow.Celestial beauty Lucy Katherine Pinder stage called as Lucy Pinder is certainly a British style model basically known on her behalf assorted glimpse in men’s magazine like Nuts. Instinctively keeping the British nationality, Pinder originates from the family owned by a Caucasian ethnicity.Personal Lifestyle: She is presently dating Daniel Hopper.

Accomplishment: She earned character accomplishment in Through the Gate V.

Despite unspectacular clarity, this picture's female occupant seems quite familiar.

A former cheerleader at Oregon, the memorable and energetic Amanda Pflugrad would undoubtedly be the ideal candidate to steal the heart of her famous acquaintance. The list of women continues to increase, the options dwindle.

As he continues to tear through the hearts of opposing defenses with his unconventional, yet refreshing style of play, Tim Tebow yearns for that one woman who can make his journey complete.

A legend in Florida and a phenomenon in Denver, the former Heisman Trophy winner may be saving himself for marriage, but he hasn't scared off the sexy fans who shadow his every move.

While we have little information on this sexy acquaintance, we do see her hand subtly creeping around Tim Tebow's back.