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—I am an Orthodox Jew, and as an Orthodox Jew I find myself having similar morals as a devout Christian.I find 7th Heaven to be anything but a realistic depiction of the life of a preacher.

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Seriously, the Camden's eldest son chases anything wearing a skirt!And the girls are so rowdy, this show does not present itself (at least to me) as a purveyor of morals, nor as an accurate depiction of a ministers life.The latest story line about Matt marrying a Jewish girl contains scenes where Matt is ready to renounce Christianity and convert to Judaism.I find it outrageous that his mother cannot understand why her husband would object to such apostasy. It should drop the pretense of a pastor and his family because you could easily substitute any other American vocation.Additionally, I resent the fact that this so called "family oriented" show is stuffed in our face with such a false label.

How is it moral for: 1) A wife to constantly berate her husband? 2) Boys and Girls to be so crazed about the opposite sex, its a miracle they can think about anything else!!And you can't count those that said they felt bad for the victims, BUT then blamed America for the attacks in the same sentence. —Although my wife and daughter have enjoyed watching this show for sometime now, mostly for lack of anything better, I find it to be a very weak portrayal of a protestant minister's family life.It is nothing more than Hollywood's twist on what they think it is or should be.Starring: Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, Beverly Mitchell, David Gallagher, Mackenzie Rosman | Produced by: Brenda Hampton, Aaron Spelling, E.Duke Vincent of Spelling Television Show Synopsis: (from the producer): From Spelling Television and Brenda Hampton comes "7th Heaven", a critically acclaimed family drama about a minister and his wife sharing love, laughter and life with their seven children.—I find this show interesting, partly because I'm a ministers son, partly due to the concept of having a series about a christian family.