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Philip Seymour Hoffman taught him his most valuable lesson about acting.The two met on the set of the 2004 Ben Stiller-Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy “Along Came Polly,” in which Oka had a small role. Acting can be very solitary even if you’re in a scene with someone else because you worry about your own performance and if you look good.

The 40-year-old actor explained in an interview with Mr.Porter's Journal that the frenzy over his romance with Hayden Panettiere taught him to keep his relationships private. "There are things that happen to you in your life that shape who you are.Everything I've been through from jobs to friendships to partnerships, everything has built me to who I am. You learn a better way of doing things." "It wasn't until my mid to late twenties that the job wears on you, relationships wear on you," he added. When you get knocked over the head in life, it builds your perspective." Ventimiglia and Panettiere, who co-starred on , were 29 and 18 years old, respectively, when they started dating.Much was made of the relationship until the pair split in 2009 after two years together."I am drawn to people who make me up my game, who bring me up to their level," she explained.

Masi Oka is an American actor and digital effects artist who was born in Tokyo, Japan."It was never a case of me making a decision, saying, 'I want to date older men,'" Panettiere told The Telegraph in 2015.The actress got engaged to boxer Wladimir Klitschko, who is 13 years her senior, in 2013.That’s why I really think this movie will be a global hit.”9. And frankly, he doesn’t miss playing World of Warcraft, a pastime he had to give up once “Heroes” fans learned his handle. What I learned when you don’t have cable or Ti Vo, and you can’t play World of Warcraft, is that you have more time to hang out with your friends, you know? Milo Ventimiglia says he avoids dating in the public eye at all costs.and that’s why he thinks “Get Smart” is going to do pretty darn well at the box office. He’s got some top-secret projects in the works -- but if he told us about them, he’d have to kill us.