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If the doctor you visit is charging more than set fee prescribed by the MBS, then the extra fee is called a gap fee. Network Doctor (who may sit in a Clinic, medical centre or a hospital), the bill will be sent directly to Insurance Provider and students will not have to pay out of pocket or submit a claim.

When medical emergencies strike, you not only have to go through physical and mental pain, but also have to deal with financial losses.

The fine print of the insurance policy document will help understand what are the specific costs covered under a policy.

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Upload your insurance policy on our website and get your 15 practice tests within 48 hours.

With this service, you can see a Doctor without leaving home.

The MRI must be performed on a Medicare Eligible MRI Unit by a Medicare eligible provider.

For Prescription Medicines prescribed by your doctor.

We give you a comprehensive list of insurance products so that you can see what you need, compare and make your best choice.

Compare & Buy health insurance plan from any of the providers listed on our website and claim 15 Free PTE Practice tests.This is the fixed amount that students pay for a covered medicine.The extent of the OSHC coverage depends on the health insurance purchased.As per the OSHC deed, Insurance providers should acknowledge the waiting period served with a previous Insurance provider when transferring to a new provider as long as the provider states the student transfers to a policy of the same level or lower.All OSHC insurance providers pay towards the GP costs.OSHC covers 100% of the MBS fee for GP/doctor services.