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Get your facts straight She has nt cheated you You cant have an online girlfriend Relationships online are not real. There are extremely rare cases If someone passed you vital information, To relay to authorities , to save lives, You can call her good girl or good friend But not a girl friend.

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Book Stores Book stores is arguably the best place to meet girls.

What’s more, they have the built-in thing for you to talk about: Books.

These are somewhere between a coffee shop and a bar.

Women are going out and if they’re there alone or with other women, they’re probably down to meet some guys.

Atmost they are messages,at least She is been honest in her communication By posting a picture, she has nothing To hide.

But you have cheated her out of Her basic right of equality, By not posting your photo.

Arts Nights Pretty much every city of any size has an arts night at this point.

You go to an area of town, walk around, check out what the local arts community is doing and hopefully meet some girls.

For men who are into getting out there and making the most out of their night, here’s a list of five places that we love going to meet women.

Bars / Clubs Obvious, of course, but for a reason: This really is one of the best places to meet girls.

Girl might just need to refresh her memory on how much value you have to offer. Sometimes I scroll through stories of the girls I am slow-cooking prior to my arrival and just react in the form of a smiley face or something simple.