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Right now she is a single mom who is bringing up her daughter without any assistance from a male counterpart So; it’s a commendable job from her part that she took the responsibility of both the father figure and a mother figure.

Caption: Michelle Stafford shares a loving bond with her daughter Natalia.

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The movie grossed over 7 million against its budget million.

Michelle Stafford is single as it is what she wrote in her blog titled ‘How I became a mom’.

She can be seen currently in an ABC daytime soap opera titled General Hospital as Nina Clay. The family moved to Montrose from California when she was little.

Michelle Stafford was born in 1965 in Chicago, Illinois to a lawyer father. Michelle grew up in California and attended her school in California.

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This dream of Actress Michelle Stafford came true in the form of a daughter.She involved in several of the projects and is paid a very good salary for her works.Her exact salary is not mentioned anywhere but is supposed to be with five zero figures increasing her net worth every year.Michelle Stafford has her own skincare line called Skin Nation that she launched in 2016.The skincare products are said to be natural, organic, gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free.Michelle Stafford is estimated to have million of net worth at present.