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Luckily, a Twitter user documented the hilarious prank.There, we can see Rose and Rourke nestled in a sea of other older couples. According to Loudwire, the Canadian station still has yet to address the mix-up.

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After a photo of the pair surfaced on Twitter, someone slyly submitted the photo to the local station under the names Max and Geraldine Bailey.

As a part of the station’s “anniversary and birthday” segment, the misleading photo of the two friends was broadcast on the small screen for everyone to see.

He is completely infatuated with her, but admits it is “not easy” to ignore the temptation of other beautiful women.

Despite his roving eye, Mickey insists he has not cheated on Anastasia, and doesn’t plan to.

“I haven’t f**ked around on her, I haven’t been that way in 23 years so this is new for me and it’s not easy,” Mickey explained.

“Sure, I could do something on the side but I’ve got to live with myself.He has always vowed not to start a family because he had such a bad childhood, but says things are “different” now. I had a really horrific childhood so I’d never do to a child what happened to me,” he explained to the British edition of OK! The photo used in the newscast depicts the “newlyweds” at a boxing match in Los Angeles earlier this month.Mickey was asked about his relationship with his girlfriend, who is constantly identified by the wrong name.This Indy Posted piece calls her “Anastasia Makarenko” but her name is actually spelled “Anastassija Malarenko”. One is a 40-something artist, and one is a 24-year-old model boning 57-year-old Mickey Rourke.“I don’t imagine a lot of ‘em really get that or care.” However, Axl Rose isn’t the only member of Guns N’ Roses to be in the news as of late.