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And while God bringing the love of your life to your doorstep is not impossible, sitting around and praying for that is probably not a strategy you want to employ exclusively.

There are many biblical examples of God’s intervention where action was first required: Abraham’s servant had to journey to find Rebekah and bring her to Isaac, despite the fact Abraham no doubt prayed that God would provide a wife for his son; God saved the fleeing Israelites from a pursuing Pharaoh and his army, but they had to cross the Red Sea first; Naaman was healed of leprosy, but not until he had washed himself seven times in the Jordan.

In your profile writing, be aware of how you might appear to others.

Recognize, whether male or female, you have a strong role to play in finding your mate.

Prayer is almost always associated with action on our part.

Descriptions of God include the Father, the Son, the Comforter and our Lord.

God has not only designed us to share our lives with someone special, He understands our needs and desires to be in a relationship.

This is an excellent way to offer them the chance they need to write you.

On Christian, one of the short-answer questions is: “What would be the perfect setting for a first meeting with a new friend or date?Be sure to share your passions in your profile answers. ” For the latter part of that question you could simply refer to, or recite, a verse of Scripture and leave it at that, but you could do so much better.Mention what drives you and shapes your life at present or has impacted you in the past. One Christian profile question is, “Describe your Christian faith. State why that verse speaks to you and how it has influenced who you are and how you lead your life.Selfies in the mirror with the phone are not your best choice!Select recent pictures that you feel are flattering.Your peers accept the self-glorification in your résumé because they understand the process and can identify.