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His opinion and reassurances mattered much more when she knew the kind of man that he was, and she trusted him to mean what he said. He has EARNED her trust instead of selling it, or demanding it, or expecting it.

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) - French Kiss (Kevin Kline learns a lesson about women, and Meg Ryan learns a lesson about life) - Phenomenon **Excellent One** (John Travolta teaches us ALL a great lesson about how to live AND love) - The Sex Monster w/ Mariel Hemmingway (Hilarious!

What NOT to do...) You asked for good Movies in the last Newsletter, so I thought I could help a bit.

I hope that's enough information for you to find that movie somewhere.

The next movie I could recommend is You've Got Mail. It features Ethan Hawke, Robert De Niro and Gwynneth Pealthrow.

He was not prepared to put up with any nonsense and this completely flummoxed her.

The man later revealed his kindness and wisdom, but at a crucial moment, his love interest says, "I don't think Tom does anything he does not want to." He has established equality and respect and is someone worth admiring.

Later he explained that he needed to know what happened the day of the accident, that it would help him help her horse.

He pointed out that when she was able and ready to tell him, he wanted to listen. He did not demand answers, he requested and granted her the control of the how, and the when.

I recently queried the readers of The Don Juan Newsletter for Great Movies that they have seen which they thought taught them a lot about women, dating, and relationships. It offers a very entertaining approach as to the things men need to learn in treating women.

I'd nominate the movie Don Juan de Marco with Marlon Brando and (I think) Johnny Depp.

I think there are lessons in here on how to do that. I think that cleaning up your personality, style and self-esteem might be a better idea in the short, and long run. It's a realistic and funny look at the 90s (and 00s) dating scene and it can teach you a lot. If anything it can be a "what not to do movie." Two of my favorite movies about relationships are Swingers and Jerry Maguire, and the reason is that I think they really tackle relationships with a lot of truth, not Hollywood glamour... I know I, and I think a lot of people, can relate to the male characters in both films. I'm not suggesting that someone break into their girl's house and put up a real live Christmas tree, but be creative.