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The main serial killer of the series, better known as Dexter Morgan, is a forensic and blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Homicide Department.

Few know that he is a killer because he has created a successful cover life.

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With Dexter's finely honed ability to kill without being caught, he joined the Homicide department to, not only discover new challenges, but to further keep ahead of the game and find new kills.

Dexter's reason for murder is complex, and partially trained.

The first and most important part of preparation is the Kill Room, which consists of plastic see-through sheeting covering every surface of the room to avoid leaving evidence.

The center of the kill room contains some form of table for the victim to lay on during the Ritual.

During Season Two, scuba divers swam into Bay Harbor in search of treasure, only to discover multiple black trash bags along a trench.

An expedition team retrieved the bags which contained dismembered bodies. Based on the location and how the bodies were cut up, the unknown killer was dubbed the Bay Harbor Butcher - otherwise known as Dexter Morgan. James Doakes was framed for the murders in Dexter's place, after Lila West killed Doakes in an explosion.Dexter will typically stalk his victim, preparing for the grab by hiding in wait somewhere before jumping out with a needle filled with the animal tranquilizer, M99, to knock out his target.Occasionally Dexter will leave bait, perhaps involving a previous victim of the target, to lure them in for an easy capture.Many TV series have killers, such as Law and Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, and even Monk, but DEXTER is a show about a serial killer who is the main (and title) character - Dexter Morgan. This article also provides information on other killers, victims, and methods.The big serial killers such as The Ice Truck Killer, The Skinner, and Trinity are featured, alongside other murderers, such as Boyd Fowler and Mary, the First Nurse.Dexter prepares rolls of shrink wrap that will hold the victim to the table to prevent them from escaping.