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Molly: I’ve never felt any explicit pressure from my family.

They’ve always been very vocal about wanting me to be happy and whoever winds up making me happy is okay with them. Though when I recently mentioned to my mom that I wanted to try to date somebody Jewish, she literally squealed, so…

He’s from New York, she’s from New York, it’s very basic. Jessica has dated mostly non-Jews, which includes her current two-year relationship.

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I get that; I’m more into being Jewish now than almost ever because my partner is so enthusiastic about it.

He loves to learn about Jewish culture, which I really appreciate, and almost didn’t realize I’d appreciate so much until I had sure, it’s starting to feel more important now that I am An Old and looking for a Husband.

I was wondering why, in the past, I’ve tended to gravitate towards non-Jews, and I think it’s because I grew up around so many Jewish people, and I associated Jewish guys with the people who ignored me in high school. But at the same time it wasn’t important to me that my partners weren’t Jewish.

Hannah: Yes, Molly, a friend of mine has a thing against dating Jewish girls, actually. I just imagined that it would be different in some meaningful way with a Jewish person.

I think it’s because the town we grew up in was “jappy,” and the girls in his grade were particularly horrible. And that’s something I’m actually super sensitive about in a way.

Molly: Yeah, I feel the guys I grew up with are whatever the male version of a JAP is, so I have a… I guess a male JAP is a JAP (Jewish American Prince). So many of my friends are told they don’t look like Jews because they’re Mizrahi or Po C or whatever, or even just like Scandinavian-looking Jews like me.

Al: So, I’m the last Jew in my family (all of them either died or converted to born-again Christianity). But being the last Jew has created a lot of internal pressure to have a Jewish household.

I didn’t honestly don’t, but I think that’s because no one has had to put pressure on me — I’m notorious for having a Jewish “type.” My parents wouldn’t disown me if I wanted to marry a non-Jew, but they have always said that my life will be much easier — for a variety of reasons — if i’m dating, partnered to, married to a Jew.

my hair article for Alma, I was looking into stereotypes of Jews — literally reading stuff from the 1880s — and it turns out that way way back, Jews were known for being pale with reddish blondish hair.

think it’s definitely starting to become “hotter” to me when someone is a Jew.

Then she was single for the next four years, and now she’s in her second serious relationship with a guy she met in a Judaic Studies seminar on Jewish humor (“of all places”).