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Microsoft has this code of conduct to spell out how Xbox Live customers are expected to behave.

However, we cannot monitor the entire Services and make no attempt to do so. Well, hallelujah and good luck to you on that, Microsoft.

Very young voices pipe up with very rude injunctions on the gaming platform’s chat features.

They stated in their Terms of use that they check links to stop malicious links/access, but this shouldn't always be trusted. It's a great way to talk for free, but skype with care!

You never know what can happen while you're on skype so best not say anything that don't want anything or anybody else to hear.

I think my mom sometimes still uses Skype to chat with her other family members.. Skype's a great app, it's like free phone service.

I think it's best for teens because, you don't want any young children meeting a 40 year old man.

Even when you tell them your problems, they do not take you seriously and will not fix the problems that their angry customers nicely requested for them to fix.

Even when you're an adult and ask them nicely to fix the glitches that you want to be fixed, they still do not listen.

It's also a good way to talk if you're in a long distant relationships, friends or family memebers But there's something you SHOULD be aware about when you use skype.

Skype isn't as private as you think and any conversation whether that be text, voice or video chats can potentially be read by Microsoft without your knowledge and information can be passed.

The first time I actually used Skype on my account (it was for gaming) was yesterday.