Pastor melissa scott dating paul crouch jr

As with many intellects, she leaves the common man far behind. Here’s an interesting bio I found on her…Pastor Melissa Scott, widow of Dr.The average person would have NO IDEA what she was talking about. Gene Scott, has taken over the Los Angeles University Cathedral after Dr.Truthfully, I don’t think she even understands what she’s trying to say, but she knows just enough to deceive her listeners. Scott died in February 2005 from terminal prostate cancer. They were married in Reno, Nevada 8/2000, when he was 70 and she was 32..

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thai sweet singlesasian casual dating - where to find asian women, meet asian friends asian websites percent of abusive relationships …continue reading » In his responding email, the buyer explained: "I'm a collector of broken laser pointers." The frequently repeated story that e Bay was founded to help Omidyar's fiancée trade Pez candy dispensers was fabricated by a public relations manager, Mary Lou Song, in 1997 to interest the media, which were not interested in the company's previous explanation about wanting to create a "perfect market".…A strange constant theme is talk of her getting things that she finds objectionable pulled from the Internet, regardless if they’re pornographic or not.In case the video gets the axe, it describes Pastor Melissa Scott “purging” the Internet of websites and other You Tube videos projecting her in a negative light… BUT this coincides with a lot of websites (referring to both Barbi Bridges and Melissa Scott) that no longer exist even though they’re listed in a yahoo search.Pastor Melissa Scott teaches every Sunday morning at Faith Center in Glendale, California.

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When she was exposed as well as to her inner circle she appeared pale and ashamed.

Following the lesson to sing her song she was sitting on a chair with her side facing the camera, unwilling to bare her soul and the truth to the world of her shame.

It would be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown to the bottom of the sea than to hurt God’s little children/chosen ones, saith God. His sermons are described as being surreal, with random stock footage of things like horseback-riding slipped in.

I shudder to think what will happen when they face their creator at judgment time. Eugene (Gene) Scott, who had a preaching television show where he would… He frequently smoked cigars, used profanity, and was completely open with telling his viewers that they can simply buy their way into heaven.

Now that all is out and the people do not know she continues to laugh about it by teaching on being clothed, Isaish walking around nude, etc. Some people think that even as they fool others, they can fool God.