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Instead of opening up a 7360 x 4912 pixel file, files measured a measly 1632X1080 pixel.

In other words, ACR was opening the embedded JPEG in the NEF file and not the actual NEF file. So what happened during the transfer, how did the old version of Nikon Transfer corrupt my D800 NEF files?

and it is better to keep using the old version of NX2 rather than download and replace it with NX-i ... The link is for the Euro version so be sure to go to if you want the US version. Two months after Snow Leopard is released, and Nikon hasn't even bothered to update its basic photo software for compatibility.

problem updating nikon nx-17

That being said, even though the information is all there (in MB), there is no way to open the NEF files.During my online research, I found a small command line tool written by Phil Harvey that fixes the metadata.Therefore, software on it can become outdated since Nikon software updates are generally tied to the availability of new cameras and rarely offer new functionality.My workflow for years has included Nikon Transfer since it allowed me to rename, add metadata and transfer files from my memory cards to external hard drives simultaneously and seamlessly.But there’s another moral to this story: Nikon should not build software that corrupts files, period.

If Nikon requires users to update their software in order for it to be compatible with new cameras, they should simply make the two incompatible. I can’t risk having software in my workflow that can corrupt files at a moments notice without giving me a heads up.I don't know why its asking for it but a photo viewer shouldn't need it.It would be nice if they explained what they were doing but don't want to chance it...Everything seemed normal, that is until I arrived home.When I uploaded my pictures to my local storage drives and began rating and culling, I noticed that all pictures taken with the D800 weren't previewing properly in View NX2.I always bring my small netbook with me whenever I travel overseas so that I can transfer pictures to my external Hard Drives (HDs) using Nikon View NX2/Transfer while on the move.