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It’s also worth noting that Rafael Espinal, who has been impressive talking policy on the campaign trail, has put significant resources into opening borough offices and knocking a lot of doors.Harry Giannoulis: In a low turnout election, the swing vote will be the millennial and formally lazy primary voters activated post Trump.Next Tuesday, New York City voters will cast their ballots for one of 17 candidates for public advocate in a citywide special election.

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Chris Coffey: Jumaane Williams has by far the highest name ID, having won the most votes in the city for lieutenant governor just five months ago.He has also been endorsed by the WFP, which matters in a mostly progressive race with low turnout.Ben Max: It’s obvious, but: who actually gets supporters out to vote on Feb. Williams’ 2018 run and 2019 endorsements are likely to play a major role here, especially the groups activating their member lists.Mark-Viverito also has her share of backers, including many women’s groups and elected officials, as she pitches both her policy resume as City Council speaker and the need for female leadership in citywide offices.Since the days of Mark Green and Rudy Giuliani, New Yorkers seem to relish a little scuffle on the City Hall steps between the mayor and public advocate.

Jumaane has also been a thorn in the side of Mayor Bill de Blasio for some time now.That being said, I think the collapse of the Amazon deal creates a bit of an opening for a pro-Amazon candidate.It’s not that most city residents were for HQ2, but if the anti-Amazon voters are split over 10 or 12 candidates, the voters who are disappointed that Amazon withdrew could go for Councilmember Eric Ulrich. If an outside independent expenditure group runs run-of-the-mill Republican ads as has been reported, that may actually drive up progressive turnout.Also what effect does a New York Times endorsement have?At a minimum, it will likely influence both the Upper West and Upper East Side, two engaged neighborhoods where many take cues from NYT editorials and who are likely to vote.Whoever wins will likely win with a small margin, so every vote counts.