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After a coincidental encounter with the emperor, he makes his way into the Forbidden City and becomes a eunuch.Using his street smarts, he gains the trust of the emperor and slowly climbs his way up the social ladder, deftly managing various political agendas.

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Mandopop, or Mandapop, is a colloquial abbreviation for "Mandarin popular music." The English term "Mandopop" was coined around 1980 soon after "Cantopop" became a popular term for describing popular songs in Cantonese; "Mandopop" was used to.Two-Sided Fahrenheit is the second studio album by the Taiwanese Mandopop boy band Fahrenheit.Yang, just like another popular Southeast Asian actor Jerry Yan, holds Taiwanese nationality and belongs to East Asian ethnicity.She is secretly dating her boyfriend, Li Ronghao for several years.Every year, during Chinese/Lunar New Year, some channels will air this series — from the first season all the way to the reboot — and my family and I will just huddle around and catch as many episodes as we can.

It’s a show that’s got it all — silliness, romance, revenge, angst, action, and even an OST that’s still stuck in our heads so many years later.Wikipedia It was released by Universal Music Taiwan on 13 June 2014.Mike He is a Taiwanese actor who started his career as a model before switching to acting.Here are some great Mandarin-language classics for you to marathon again or give a try if you’ve never watched them before.Note: Classic also generally means “old” (the shows on this list are all pre-2005), so just be warned that you’re in for some questionable hairstyles and fashion choices. Chinese title: 还珠格格 Genre: Period; Romance Cast (from the first two seasons): Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Alec Su, Zhou Jie, Zhang Tie Lin, Fan Bing Bing I cannot even begin to express my fondness for this series.He is the CEO of his own company Truth Be Told LLC and is also signed to Metronumm Musikk Publishing.