Rapidsvn error error while updating filelist options

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Xela Jack wrote: Hello all, I found it in Ubuntu's universe repository. (I tested checking out, haven't tested anything else yet.) It seems that the Rapid SVN window gets refreshed a lot when checking out (updating directories) and expanding the source tree. I think some intelligence can be put in the refresh mechanism, for example, if a tree is collapsed, do not refresh the view even if the content of the tree is changed? I wanted to check out the same repository in the Linux box. I've tried to build the latest rapidsvn from but there are two missing resource files in src/res dir. TIA Hofi Finally I have created a working Windows build environment for Rapid SVN and reproduced the problem whereby the preferences dialog is not correctly layed out under Windows, despite working correctly under linux.

-- Best regards, Jack Hello Alexander, I installed from the file. However, right after I input the URL, local path and hit "OK", Rapid SVN crashed. Technical Computing/Enabling Technologies Oak Ridge, TN 37830 Phone: (865) 574-3694 E-Mail: [email protected] This list is no longer the main mailing list for Rapid SVN. The fix was to change the order of two calls when setting up the window.

Dear Sirs, I am using Rapid SVN and my network running with linux , we are using nfs for home directories for users and when i run Rapid SVN as normal user and i am geting error as Execute : Commit Error While performing action : Commit failed (details follow): Can't connect to host 'software' : connection refused(Software is the nfs server) Ready Please give me the solution howto solve my problem, and i am new to this. Also when building from svn tree, it fails when building the man pages.