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Life would be so much simpler if all your monthly payments were in one bill.Besides, your credit card balance has a 16.99 percent interest rate, and that car loan with 5 a month payments just seems outrageous. Well, some people turn to a debt consolidation mortgage.

When she works with clients and they are thinking about a debt consolidation loan, she talks with them about the extra costs they will incur especially by doing a refinancing loan.

“They don’t realize they will have to have another appraisal which costs money. Is paying ,000 for closing costs to get ,000 off of your debt really worth it? “The fine line about debt consolidation is that how will the person go forward. ” Click here to verify your eligibility for a cash out debt consolidation refinance.

Click here for today’s debt consolidation refinance rates.

Halliwell would only encourage someone to get a debt consolidation loan if it results in paying less interest over time.

We can show you what your new monthly payment might look like based on going rates.

Try our debt consolidation calculator, which will tell you how much your monthly payment might decrease, how much you’ll save in interest, and how long it will take you to pay off the newly consolidated loan. *Before you apply, we encourage you to carefully consider whether consolidating your existing debt is the right choice for you.You don’t have to be overwhelmed by mounting bills or rising monthly expenses.If you want to get out from under high interest rate charges from credit cards, student loans, or other forms of debt, then a cash-out refinance might be the solution for you.“If you do use home equity and then get more debt, you put your home at risk,” he says.But he admits that sometimes life throws out unexpected things such as medical bills, and not everyone who needs debt consolidation do it because of bad debt.But they can use them again.” Bustos has seen too many people never cut up those cards and then begin using them again till they max them out again.