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The first time I saw Remember Me, that smile annoyed me. It was so great being able to work with someone you immediately get along with and is incredibly talented and is driven to make the film as good as we can.

Having someone you can go and talk with about a scene, and it's all very casual and easy, that made filming such a delight — having a friendship level and a commitment to the script.

” [From Life & Style] So has any of this really happened? It’s embarrassing — not knowing what to say to each other.” Aw…

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Hard to put my finger on it, but Ally and Tyler seemed to be really attentive to each other and these characters seemed both ordinary and original.The performances Emilie and Robert gave were so very believable.Think about it – what young film actor so excited the teen girls like this? I’d say Pattz has a half-decent shot at being a pretty good actor with a solid career, if he isn’t ravaged by an angry/lustful/hormonal gang of Twihards in the next few months.You have to back to the insanity surrounding Leonardo Di Caprio circa . Obviously, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be destined to be together as Twilight’s Edward and Bella, but fate seems to have something else in store for them in real life.Tell me a bit about the relationship between these two characters. Neither one of them were really looking for it, but it just happened.

The relationship between Ally and Tyler is so beautifully developed. Obviously there's a physical attraction, but also that thing you can't put into words.

“He’s the one who suggested to the producers at Summit [the same production company responsible for the Twilight series] that she’d be perfect for Remember Me.

In the original screenplay, her part was written for an actress of Mexican descent.” “I watched them filming on July 2, and they got along very, very well,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style.

Kristen cheated because of Rob's close friendship with actress Emilie de Ravin, claims sources! Emilie de Ravin on Robert Pattinson: He's a Lovely Guy filmed Remember Me in New York City last year, even though Robert is clearly dating Kristen Stewart.

Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson: Portraying Lovers in disliked Emilie because they believed the rumours that she was dating Pattinson. Indeed, some of those working on the film were astonished when she was out of character and used her native accent.

They've both had major family tragedies that, prior to their relationship, have closed them off, thinking no one can understand the way they really feel. Was it hard to slip back into the character of Claire, or was it just like riding a bike?