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“One guy paid double the asking price for a house right across West Marshall Street from Barclay Park.

full frontal and backal nudity.” The measure was reportedly approved by a vote of 5-0, with one member abstaining, and the seventh reportedly “making whooping noises and jumping up and down” without actually casting a vote.Outgoing West Chester Mayor – and new State Representative – Carolyn Comitta was one of the architects of the plan.“Many people thought I delayed stepping down as mayor after winning last fall’s election so I could finish implementing the police department’s reorganization plan.But why I of this wonderful little town.” Now, Comitta says, she will be able to devote her full and undivided attention to serving her district in the State Legislature during the week, while becoming a founding member of the new Barclay Nudist Colony on the weekends.And I myself intend to be right up in front of those protest marches, preferably with an unobstructed view of all of that sinning!

” While many local residents we interviewed expressed surprise and shock at the announcement, a few seemed unexcited about the plan.

By Barry Rabin In a startling turn of events, the Borough of West Chester announced yesterday that the historic “Barclay Grounds” will be turned into a nudist colony, effective this coming June.

The surprise announcement came as the result of a plan put forward by the Barclay Grounds Preservation Alliance to enhance the “natural use” of the property by allowing nudists to sit, sunbathe, camp out and “parade around.” Said Wendel Wingnut, Deputy Assistant Vice President of the Alliance, “We said we wanted to maintain it as a natural area, right? ” The broad, tree-lined property, which is adjacent to the historic Barclay Mansion, was the subject of a long public battle just a few years ago to keep a developer from building new homes on it.

After the war, nudism was equally popular in both German states.

Even as the country was being split asunder in 1949, some in the West were busy founding the Association for Free Body Culture -- an organization that today is part of the German Olympic Sport Federation and the largest member of the International Naturist Federation.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel was said to have practiced nudism during her youth in the GDR -- although it's not been confirmed whether recently unearthed photos purporting to show her swimming and walking naked with friends are the real deal.