Sedating cats car trips

The Gunner Kennel, though pricey, is a top-notch, sturdy, and crash-tested dog kennel.

A proper dog travel harness, carrier, or crate is often the best (and most definitely the safest) way to travel with your dog in the car or truck. Here are some of the best dog travel harnesses, carriers, and crates: The Sleepypod Click It travel harness is, in my opinion, the best dog car harness on the market.It's well constructed, easy to use, and received top marks in the rigorous crash testing done by the Center for Pet Safety.Other dogs become anxious in the car because of previous bad experiences in the car, such as being left alone or a scary event such as a car accident.Good news is that if you start young, you can prevent your dog from ever developing negative associations (and the resulting stressful state of mind) with the car using a process called desensitization.Temperature related emergencies are serious problems and can come on quickly — please see our important information and resources regarding heat stroke.

Now that your dog is counterconditioned to simply being in the car, start to take short trips around town to gradually get them more comfortable with traveling in the car.Go to fun places – dog parks, play dates with your friend’s dogs, to the pet store, or whatever else you think will be fun for your pet.Do these regularly and gradually increase the distance you go.The Sleepypod Air In-Cabin serves double-duty for air and car travel.For larger dogs that will be traveling in the cargo area of your SUV, or even the bed of your truck, a sturdy crate is the best option.A trainer can provide support and encouragement while you build up the patience required for counterconditioning behavior modification.