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Since then, I have yet to be in a long-term relationship.There has been lots of situation-ships, ghosting, and games.

I was transparent with all other people in my life, and so I finally loved myself enough to stop shaming myself.

Aviva: I have enjoyed several relationships (some open and some monogamous) as well as periods of being single while working as a dominatrix.

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Because I am open-minded and nonjudgemental towards my clients' kinks and desires, some people see me as an opportunity to unload their fantasies onto me and expect me to engage with those fantasies after just meeting them, which feels like they want me to work for free.

I've also dealt with jealousy and possessiveness, which really doesn't work for me.

Lana: Five years in fetish content, specifically foot, wrestling, and bondage videos. Jessa: I’m in an open relationship with a fellow adult film performer. As soon as it came out that I wanted to do porn, boy, did things flip. They just could not understand why I wanted to do it, and how it wasn't cheating.

I realized that was not who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.

When I became a fetish model at the end of 2017 due to leaving my current job over scheduling, I ended up breaking things off with said individual as I couldn't be with a person who is not receptive to new ideas.

I am currently in a very stimulating relationship with a partner who is genuinely fascinated about my work as a fetish model to the point where he shoots a few of my clips and often gives suggestions regarding outfits I should wear and fetish categories I should shoot.

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