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Nothing could be further from the truth, as our singles enjoy their vacations on their own terms and can be as active or social or relaxed as they wish.

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And, there is a great mix of ages on all of our trips; our departures for singles in their 40s and up, for example, attract participants in their 40s to their 70s and beyond.We’ve scheduled singles cruises on sailings to all of the world’s greatest destinations.Continued work to remove the unwarranted shame and stigma that sadly still surrounds gay, bisexual, curious and queer identities and interests.Sail the seven seas as part of our casual, fun-loving group!A landmark figure for the community, the high – but not high enough – figure also tells a sadder tale.

Many LGBTQ people are closeted and watching gay porn in private.

Gay porn is surprisingly popular with straight men, according to a recent study.

While you may not expect boy on boy action to be a hit among a hetero male demographic, research by Youporn tells a compelling tale of straight guys getting their kicks from watching same-sex couples get it on.

According to Youporn, a whopping 23 percent of the time, straight men watch gay porn and 39 percent of the time, self-identifying straight females choose to watch gay porn too.

Related: Gay and lesbian couples are happier than straight couples Perhaps more confusingly, 24 percent of “straight” men have actually had gay sex, while 36 percent of “straight” women have had sex with another woman, according to the survey. We asked Radio 1’s resident sexpert, Alix Fox, alongside a raft of health professionals, ranging from doctors to wellbeing coordinators, for their thoughts.

In fact, our Singles Division can help you find a singles cruise on a ship that’s just right for you…and make sure you meet many other singles on board.