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Climb down off that Veranda, Romeo, we know your bounty is as boundless as the sea and everything but remember — wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.Above all, don’t let her or anyone else make the decision for you.She will forever associate me with the smell of human waste, she will look at me and only see the shadow of defecation frolicking about our apartment with reckless abandon.

I worried how I would go to the bathroom and maintain my flawless Gynoid facade?What if we only have one bathroom and I have to go and I don’t mean pee.Now, don’t go packing up your Doc Martens and food processors just because you pass this single lesbian litmus. Now you’re ready to move on to earn the Pendants of Life in The Temple Games Round — Legends of the Hidden Temple, anyone?In The Temple Games Round (technically it goes, The Moat then Steps of Knowledge then The Temple Games Round, but let’s just shut up about it already) — you want to make sure you are not ensnared in the persuasive clutches of honeymoon bliss.The fifth Las Vegas home of the Shack Stack and frozen custard concretes is on its way to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North and the outdoor mall has posted a timetable for an opening date.

Shake Shack will take over a 3,000-square-foot corner space on the southern end of the retail center, right next door to the Brooks Brothers Factory Store and facing the Adidas outlet.Basically, you have very little control over your impulses and trying to contain them only makes them stronger.We are all here (well, most of us) to leave our insides apprehensively on someone’s doorstep to either step on or invite in for soup.Turned out, Natalie had irritable bowel syndrome (sorry Natalie)!We were able to talk freely and candidly about our urges with a Fight Club-esque set of conditions that neither of us wanted to be the couple that hung around each other during this inevitable function of being.What matters before you move in together is that you’re ready because if you aren’t, you may not experience the symbiotic bliss that Natalie and I do, then maybe you will get an impacted bowel because you don’t feel close enough to talk about uncomfortable shit (literally).