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This was the case in 1996 when the Sri Lankan team beat Australia in the finals to win the Cricket World Cup.The whole country shut down as though there were a curfew imposed upon the whole island. Though the nation nurses an unbeatable fondness for bread (for breakfast and dinner), it is considered just plain ‘wrong’ if you don’t have rice and curry for lunch.The dominant music tide in the Lankan youth culture is usually a mixture of the current world-pop-culture with a clever twist of Lankan falvour (Ex; as of 2001-2009 Hip hop music has been a great influence in the local music culture while sub-cultures like Alt.

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It is the Unofficial National sport of Sri Lanka that is closest to its people- CRICKET.

A typical Sunday or a national holiday in Sri Lanka is marked with innumerable cricket pitches scattered all over lonely roads, grounds and fields.

Their many holidays are spent idling at home with a cup of fine Ceylon tea, visiting closer friends or relatives for a leisure chat or by all means playing their favourite sport.

Sri Lanka's national sport is Volley Ball; but it is seldom played except on beaches and school tournaments.

The nationwide state of emergency declared by local authorities after the attacks of April 2019 is no longer in effect.

However, security forces will continue to be deployed throughout the country to maintain public order.

These attacks resulted in more than 250 deaths and 500 injuries. Targets could include: Always be aware of your surroundings when in public places.

Intercommunal tensions have led to instances of civil unrest and acts of violence following the terrorist attacks of April 2019. Demonstrations occur regularly in Colombo, and occasionally elsewhere in the country.

Portuguese Colonialism also had a considerable impact on local music and instruments while African slaves called kaffrinha, and their dance music was called Baila had a great and lasting impact on the island’s music; Sri Lankans enjoy good Baila music with a passion to this day.

Traditional Sri Lankan music includes the hypnotic Kandyan drums - drumming was and is very much a part and parcel of music in both Buddhist and Hindu temples in Sri Lanka.

The biggest pastime of the Sri Lankan population, after playing cricket, is watching the Sri Lankan National Team playing cricket.