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Most importantly I want to stress again that victims can be ANYONE. I want to give a shout-out to these amazing organizations because they are all doing a phenomenal job working towards educating teens about abuse, and helping to prevent it! Too often this problem is ignored, or undermined with completely false and unnecessary excuses. Why do we choose to turn our heads and pretend, or even hope, that it doesn't happen when it so clearly does? In teenhood, love is just beginning and the ideals of what love is are also forming.

This means the victim can be female, male, Caucasian, African American, Asian, wealthy, poor, Christian, Jewish, etc. Why do we tell ourselves, "it will never happen to someone I know" or "that doesn't happen in my town"? Teens are looking for someone to confide in, to be intimate with, to feel comfortable with, and to feel safe with. If a teen is experiencing their first relationship, who is to tell them differently? This is where we need to step in and make our voices heard.

Justin's girlfriend is monitoring Justin's activity and conversations without his consent.Also, demanding to know his passwords is a complete violation of Justin's independence and security.Spread awareness about the prevalence of male violence in relationships, and learn its signs and ways of prevention.Rarely reported, sibling abuse is the most common form of domestic abuse.A study by the Center for Disease Control and Department of Justice found that in 2010, more men than women were victims of intimate partner violence.

Violence against men is often overlooked and disregarded, but it does not have to be.

LGBT victims are more reluctant to report abuse to legal authorities.

The stigma around LGBT relationships, as well as the fear of being “outed,” prevents many victims from speaking out.

Not only does it damage trust issues, but it creates more power and control for his girlfriend.

Nina just started dating her boyfriend, and is very religious.

She wants to wait until marriage to have sex, but her boyfriend does not.