Taiwan dating culture

The summer of love is right around the corner which means two things in Taiwan: sweltering, unforgivably humid days and dates; I can see how you’d be confused as the two don’t exactly go hand in hand but stay with me for a minute.

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There you have it…”I used to quote the above as a comical first analogy when I had not been in Taiwan very long, but it still acts as a good lead in to some of the key aspects of the Taiwanese female and Taiwanese character in general. One of the things you do is remember how she is a downtrodden little Asian and you feel sorry for her because she has been pushed into this terrible position. Asians are prepared to go to far greater levels of service than we are – Things that we won’t do because we view as impinging upon our rights, they will just do without thinking.

One of the first things you think when you first start dating a Taiwanese girl is that they are ‘so nice.’ As if there is something in their heart that is just nicer than other races or cultures. Just take an Asian airline compared to a European or North American one.

And while society was officially sexist many families were not.

Women were used to getting their own way in more subtle ways rather than direct confrontation.

Once on the pavement she stood angrily and they had the following conversation: She refused to budge, at which point most of us would have walked off at the preposterous injustice of having to apologize for saving someone’s life – but not John, as I said he was good at dealing with Taiwanese, so he replied as follows: “I am sorry for losing my temper – You know how much I love you and so I panicked.”She forgave him immediately no doubt giving him the best sex of his life that evening.

We listened in admiration because while we all loved the idea of the Taiwanese girl we weren’t so good at handling them ourselves.

The girl will put her arms around you and say lots and lots of nice things and say how much he likes to ‘sa jiao’ with you.

I suppose, we do have words that are similar such as ‘bonding’ – but, in general, we refer to the above more often than not in a negative way.

Another thing we like to say is the women don’t compete with us – At every turn they don’t try and show men that they can do it as well or better than them.

Well, they don’t, but of course it has its drawbacks.

On these days you can expect to see hoards of people walking the night markets, relaxing in cafes, and shopping – it usually happens just when you were beginning to think Taiwan was a ghost country because everyone stays locked up and away from the rain.