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Through manifestation and her own psychic abilities, she helps others learn how to develop their own spiritual gifts through readings, classes and workshops.

The focus of her writing and teaching is to simplify the "I teach people how to become limitless..." ~ Jennifer O'Neill Spiritual teacher and best selling author Jennifer O'Neill is devoted to helping others learn how to live a happier life.

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The problem with this is that men and women are almost always in different chapters.I see a lot of women in chapter seven dating men who are in and around chapter four to chapter six.Years ago, when people dated, they dated to find a person they would like to marry. When you were on a date, you were seeing if the other person was a good Alternate cover edition for B009N5CP7E.Why is it that so many relationships nowadays seem so complicated?Jennifer is also one of Hawaii's top psychics and the leading expert in the field of Soul DNA.

She has spent the last twenty years as a professional psychic and spiritual teacher helping people all over the world learn how to develop themselves spiritually.They will not let you slip away if they think you're the one for them.On the other hand, if you have been dating for a while and your boyfriend or girlfriend's Facebook status is still single or blank, and they don't like you to go to parties with them, or they tell you they just want to date for like ten years, leave!If you have been dating for a while (several months or a year), if they are ready to commit to you long-term, you will have no doubt in your mind.Girls have a hard time with this concept, but ask any guy you know, your man will let you know if he wants to get serious with you.Below are just a few comments by readers.) Reader Reviews:“I want to preface this by saying that I am married and obviously not dating or looking to date. ”“Spot on with lots of LOL moments…”“If you are single, you must read this book.