The no nonsense rules of internet dating

How do you get someone’s attention if they can’t see you, hear you or otherwise know you exist? You interrupt them; you butt in with an ad, a direct mail piece, a cold call, etc.

Besides our top 12, we broke this list into 8 other categories.Use the navigation below to jump to the one that best meets your needs!Advertising has become noise just like the sounds of traffic and construction on a busy New York street.There is so much advertising that most of it just gets filtered out.A strong and compelling reason would lie in your value proposition and whether your prospect would benefit immensely from an ongoing dialogue.

Second problem with getting permission is getting your prospects’ attention in the first place. In his book, Godin puts forth the idea that permission marketing will help a company get through all the “noise” of traditional marketing-TV, radio, and print.Many of the rules of dating apply, and so many of the benefits.(Permission Marketing, pg 45)This is a fanciful rendition of dating.We all know that it doesn’t go so smoothly most of the time. There are certain hurdles that you have to overcome: why would someone date you and how do you get that first date.In a later article, I’ll address how to keep the relationship from growing apart.I would like to hear from readers that can think of products that could benefit from an ongoing dialogue.