The secrets of dating women

Like it or not, more pressure is on men to have skills with women than the other way around.Growing up, boys who can flirt and interact with the girls are heroes by their friends, whereas girls who show extraordinary socials skills with men are often shamed by their jealous peers.

If he’s sober, and you reject him harshly when he asks you out respectfully, how is he going to feel?

Probably, like never approaching another woman again and taking his feelings of rejection out on women in the future.

If there’s a standout advantage women have, this has to be it.

The fact is, women must deal with a lot less rejection in dating than men.

She can meet and get chatting to a lot of men, without having to risk a direct rejection.

While women are just as vulnerable to rejection, once in a relationship, a woman can have a successful dating life, without ever being rejected.Remember this next time you’re getting frustrated with a guy’s hesitancy to make a move on you and help him out by making sure you make your signals to him clear.If a woman wants a date, sex, or even just a little ego kick, it’s not exactly scarce.Have you ever taken a moment to think what dating must be like for… Many women believe, when it comes to dating, men hold all the cards.This could be because they’ve been rejected by men in the past, been played or cheated on by men, or simply brought up to believe that’s just the way it is.A man always has to risk rejection to earn a date or more from a woman.