Tips for dating a older guy

Who doesn’t like a nice meal out, a coffee or a trip to the cinema?There is nothing to say an older man might be less compatible with food, coffee or music tastes than their younger counterparts.

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I’m sure there will be cases for the other side of the argument too.

But, generally speaking, there are things that you can expect from an older man. An older man is usually pretty adept in explaining what he wants and doesn’t want.

With more life (and love) experience behind him, an older man can communicate his needs and wants much better than someone of a younger generation.

Given their more advanced age, older men will be more realistic in what a real woman looks like.

Conversely, it seems that women become attracted to more experienced, powerful, and attractive men.

Another reason for younger women to go for older men could be down to fertility.

I’m not talking about those women who could be considered to be ‘gold diggers’, though.

Wanting financial stability in your life doesn’t mean you’re out for what you can get financially speaking.

The dating game is always a tough one, but is it differen’t when you’re dating an older man? Finding someone who really ‘gets’ you and understands you isn’t easy. Anyone who’s been in a long term relationship will tell you that it’s not always chocolates and roses. In unmarried couples, this figure was over 850 thousand. According to a study by Zoosk, online daters in 2017 were 9% more likely to consider dating someone with a 10-year age gap than they were in 2016.

Dating has its challenges and perhaps none more so than the added challenge of an age gap. Since it’s not a new thing, what is it about older men that attract women?

This might be a reason why so many younger women are attracted to older men.