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Here's a link with plenty of info on the process. I'd like to rebuild my relationship with her again in person, but under the same roof might be too give myself more introduction, im a nonbinary trans person with nonstandard customized pronouns.

Coupled with the fact that health insurance in Oregon cannot have trans exclusions, this is not a terrible place to be trans. i am also polyamorous too and need to live with someone who is not judgemental of those things.

We work diligently to make sure care is free from discrimination and supported by the recommendations of a number of professional...

hi, my gf is a trans woman and she had already moved to Washington, vancouver over a year ago.we were both originally from miami and since we became an LDR it made a huge impact on my life.I'm really nerdy and love anime/manga, webcomics and lost media.im on disability and get paid 1 a month currently and own a rabbit which I'll designate eventually as my emotional support animal (in case where you're living doesn't accept pets) im neurodivergent with several different illnesses as well as learning disabilities.The change takes effect January 1st of next year, 2014.

This only affects those of us born in Oregon but maybe this will help out someone who hadn't heard yet. i made a post here before saying that i was moving in with my gf but I've been doing a lot of thinking and thats that i would feel more secure and less anxious if i didn't move in with her so soon.I would love to find someone who's sincere, honest, has good character, Family Values, and integrity.Im not interested in hooking up, one night stands, a fling or other married men.Its not my place to judge you, but that's just not for me or what I'm looking for.I'm financially stable, have a good head on my shoulders and am seeking the same.We do not require a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to see a patient or family; however, patients need mental health support to start medical care.