Transition from dating to boyfriend reality show dating in the dark

“Long-distance relationships can work if both partners are committed to keeping it going.

Now that school is starting, you’re worried that things will be awkward between you two.There are a few reasons why jumping back into your college relationship isn’t easy.There are plenty of simple ways for your relationship to go back to normal.“Coming back to campus, include some dates as part of reconnecting,” Smith says.“You can plan your studies and hobbies around that date, so when you do get to see him/her, you can focus on having fun with each other and not school.” Additionally, Lindy and her boyfriend made sure to take turns traveling to see each other.

“For example, in the fall semester, my boyfriend would do most of the traveling because I was overwhelmed with school,” she says.“Go to dinner together, take some long walks and chat about your summers as well as your expectations for the fall.” Don’t overdo it, though!“Spending 24 hours a day together for the first few days is completely understandable,” Smith explains.Whether you were home with your SO all summer and you’re moving back to different parts of the country in the fall, or you were in a temporary LDR, transitioning back to school can feel unnatural. Smith, president and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting to help you make sense of the situation, no matter what the circumstances of your relationship are.This new set-up is definitely going to take some adjusting, especially if this was your first summer as a couple. So you and your SO were apart all summer, and although it was hard, you had gotten used to it.“His job was seven hours away from our university, so it was kind of crazy,” Lindy says.